"I was a part of Danforth karate since I was 16 or 17. I have learned so much and I can never give enough
thank you to Sensei and Shihan. I was focused, active, disciplined and I wasn't afraid. I knew I could
defend myself whatever came my way. I was strong and confident. I told everyone in high school I took
karate and where I take it.. I showed off my belts and uniforms because I was proud to know such art, I
was proud to show the strong woman within me. I wish I could go back again. Maybe not any time soon
but I know someday. I am proud of my karate school. I would recommend it to all ages. For anyone who is looking to live an active living, Danforth Karate Academy is the place to be." - EP, York
University Student


"It's a family-run school, focused and dedicated to the art of karate and to their students. There's more
than meets the eye when one embarks on this journey - a worthwhile path of self-learning and personal
growth in addition to the obvious physical aspects of getting into shape. I miss you Shihan, Sensei,
Helen, Nicole. I have yet to find a karate school as high caliber as yours! Many blessings to all of you."
- LW,
Law Clerk


"I have been a member of Danforth Karate since 2003, my journey to black belt has been a long one full
of challenges, that have pushed me to be better both in the dojo and outside. I continue to train under
Shihan Gordon Davis along with Sensei Peter Jaukovic, because the training here is excellent."
- NS,


"I joined Danforth Karate Academy at the age of seven in 2002. The training, instruction, and motivation
from both instructors and students has shaped my very being that stands before the world today.
Without them, I would not have overcome the challenges that lay behind nor would I be ready for the
ones that lie I front of me."
- CL, Ryerson University Student.


"I enrolled my son in Danforth Karate Academy in 2013 on the recommendation from a friend.  He was
very shy and lacked confidence.  With the encouragement from the instructors at Danforth Karate he is
gaining confidence and is proud of what he has accomplished.  He is really focused in school and does
very well. The confidence, self-discipline and respect that Danforth karate helps build in children
partners with what we are teaching. My son loves karate and we are supporting him on his journey to
Black Belt." - SJ, Parent


"I love coming here! It feels familiar to me because of my background in martial arts, I like the
consistency, the strictness and the attention to mastery. I like pushing and seeing what my body can do
even after years out of the art. My 7 year old daughter and I have been coming to Danforth Karate for 4
months and it already feels like home. Helen the first face you see when you walk in, she is inviting and
friendly, she has her second Dan black belt. Shihan with his 7th Dan black belt and over 40 years
experience is a skilled master of the art he is a wonderful and strict teacher focused on his students
mastering the basics, not rushing through the levels. Sensei is a 4th Dan black belt and friendly teacher
he teaches most of the lower level belt classes, he is patient and always has time to teach you more
after class if you are so inclined, correcting what needs correcting. Danforth Karate is not a flashy or
fancy school, they rarely do competitions or performances, this is a place to come for gaining the skill for
mastering classical karate. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to master the art of karate."
- JN, Parent & Student