Shihan Peter Jaukovic
Head Instructor/School Director

Shihan Peter Jaukovic has dedicated the last thirty-five years to the martial arts.

He began his martial arts education in 1987 at the age of six and received his first degree Black Belt in 1995 from Shihan Gord Davis and Northern Karate School. He received his Sensei Dan from Shihan Davis in 1998, and his 4th degree Black Belt in 2008. Sensei Jaukovic then went on to received his 5th degree Black belt along with his Renshi Dan in 2015 from Shihan Davis. Shihan Jaukovic then went on to received his 6th Dan and Shihan ranking from the World Kobudo Federation in 2022.
Under the tutelage of Shihan Davis, Shihan Jaukovic has competed and participated in
seminars and tournaments and gained a vast knowledge of karate and other forms of martial

Currently Shihan Jaukovic works relentlessly to pass on the knowledge and experience gifted to him by Shihan Davis. By allowing students to grow and blossom at their own pace with careful guidance. Shihan Jaukovic ensures that the knowledge and organic nature of progression, that he benefited so greatly from, is passed on to the next generation of students and martial artists.