Shihan Gord Davis
Founding Instructor

In Loving Memoriam

Jan 4 1961 - October 19 2021

Shihan Gord Davis dedicated his life to the martial arts. He began his martial arts education in 1971 at the age of ten and received his first degree Black Belt in 1975 from Sensei Monty Guest whose contribution to the martial arts dates back to 1961 as head instructor for the legendary Tsuruoka Sensei, the man credited for introducing karate to Canada.

Shihan Davis then studied for several years at Northern Karate School under the guidance of Hanshi Cezar Borkowski and was a senior instructor there until opening Danforth Karate Academy in 1991 where he diligently taught and promoted the many benefits of martial arts
training to his students. He received his Renshi Dan from the World Kobudo Federation in 1995, his 5th degree Black Belt from the Okinawan Kenshi-Kai Karate-Do Kobu-Do Association in 1997 and promoted to 7th degree Black Belt by Kyoshi Armi Rizzo and the World Congress of Martial Arts Association with Shintani Karate Federation in 2013.

Throughout his life Shihan Davis traveled across North America competing and participating in seminars with some of the most renowned martial artists. He worked tirelessly to pass on everything he could to his students without reserve. Inspiring and touching many souls through karate is the legacy he leaves behind. His students carry on the responsibility of passing on what was given to them by Shihan Davis.