Sensei Thomas Robinson

Sensei Thomas Robinson began his time studying karate at Danforth Karate Academy
in 2005 at the age of 11 years old. The lessons he learned in karate about responsibility, dedication and hard work helped Sensei Thomas to navigate his life in school, college and the workforce, winning several awards along the way, including the Honor Roll. After many years of training and effort, Sensei Thomas was awarded his First Degree Black Belt in 2013 by Shihan Gordon Davis. In 2022, Sensei Thomas was awarded his Second Degree Black Belt by Shihan Peter Jaukovic
and went on to achieve the title of Sensei presented by Shihan Jaukovic and the World
Kobudo Federation in 2023. Now as an instructor, Sensei Thomas passes down to students the lessons he was taught and has learned that teaching itself is a great way to learn new things.

In addition, Sensei Thomas has also taken part in martial arts tournaments and seminars,
learning more about the world of martial arts.

In his spare time, Sensei Robinson enjoys reading, watching movies and learning about history.