Sensei Shane Gort

Sensei Shane Gort started his training at age
8 in 2016 under Shihan Gord Davis and Shihan Peter Jaukovic. After the passing of Gord
Davis in 2021, Shane took to teaching to provide help at the school and has continued
to do so to this day. Teaching helped to grow his confidence, and enrich his knowledge on the art of Karate. In September of 2023 he was tested for his Neidan, which he would receive
in November of that same year. Since he starting teaching, he has well surpassed the required high school community hours, and is now looking into working with the City of Toronto as a Karate instructor. Even so, Shane continues to train consistently at Danforth Karate, and is committed to growing as a teacher, and passing on his knowledge to his students.