Senpai Jacqueline

Senpai Jacqueline (Jacqui) Code started her training at Danforth Karate in 2006, as an
adult, when searching for an activity that she and her young son could do together. She was promoted to the rank of First Degree Black Belt by Shihan Gord Davis in 2014 and then to the rank of Second Degree Black Belt by Shihan Peter Jaukovic in 2022. She received the title
of Senpai from Shihan Jaukovic in November 2023. Over the course of her training, she has taken seminars from numerous instructors, recently attending World Kobudo Federation training events in Lévis, Québec and in Gatineau, Québec.  She particularly enjoys weapons training. She is committed to
ongoing learning and personal growth as a martial artist, and to helping others who are
on the same path.